Ed Bechervaise

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Ed Bechervaise's work has a background in street art but in recent years has emerged into geometric abstraction, with an interest in composition, colour and shape. Ed investigates how subconscious memory and feeling, can be re interpreted through singular blocks of colour, line work, and spatial structures to create figurative compositions that evoke a sense of feeling and memory in the viewer.


28.9.2018 - 1.10.2018

'The Mountains We Climb' Marfa gallery Melbourne Mixed media on wood framed, Paper framed, Melbourne.

20.10.2017 - 5.11.2017

'Facing Deconstruction' Backwoods gallery collingwood Acrylic and aerosol on wood shadow framed drawings framed

13.01.2017 - 16.01.2017

'Super Psychology' Besser Space Acrylic and aerosol on wood shadow framed drawings framed Sculptural installation

9.04.2015 - 20.04.2015

'Subtuition' Galerie Lacroix Paris Acrylic and aerosol on stretched canvas A1 Drawings pencil and acrylic on paper

14.02.2014 - 24.02.2014

'Brand Spanking' Just Another Agency Mixed media and installation work Prahran, Melbourne Feb 2014

03.07.2011 - 18.07.2011

RTIST Melbourne ‘New’ work by Ed Bechervaise. Mixed media on canvas Sept 2011

07.02.2011 - 19.02.2011

'Fast Forward' Somewhere gallery Feb 2011 Acrylics, varnish, resin on canvas. Clay sculpture and drawing work.

03.04.2010 - 10.04.2010

'Five hundred faces' Brood Box gallery April 2010 Acrylics on canvas.

10.10.2006 - 24.10.2006

'The Dirty Work' Per Square Metre Gallery October 2006 Acrylics on canvas.

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