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pic_author   Yannimina Tommy Watson - australia,

       Untju Alkata

Collection: Indigenous Australian
Medium: Acrylic Painting
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 122*183*3
Extra details: 
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  04/09/2019   1567559310018420
Details of Art Work

Untju Alkata. 2013. 122.0 cm x 183.0 cm. Tommy Watson catalogue number TWKM19, pictured above, being acrylic on linen, is an original and authentic painting by Yannima Tommy Watson, commissioned under contract for Jorna Newberry, the artist’s niece. (Certificate of Authenticity) Provenance: Ken McGregor. Email ArtChain Global to enquire more.

Exhibition History

Ken McGregor    ----    2013-2014

Selling Information

Shipping From:   Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

About this Artwork

Tommy Watson's bold use of colour depicts the stories of his ancestors who have passed on to him the sacred rights of telling the 'Dreamtime' stories. Tommy Watson started painting in 2001, in Irrunytju, a small community on the tri-border of South Australia, Central Australia, and Western Australia. Tommy Watson is a very celebrated indigenous artist, who has reached unbelievable heights throughout his short 'painting' cycle, approximately 10 years, in "2003 Watson was one of eight Indigenous artists, alongside Paddy Bedford, John Mawurndjul, Ningura Napurrula, Lena Nyadbi, Michael Riley, Judy Watson, and Gulumbu Yunupingu, who collaborated on a commission to provide works that decorate one of the Musée du Quai Branly's four buildings completed in 2006".

Artwork Provenance