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pic_author   Yogesh Tewari - India

Authenticated AUTHENTICATED BY ARTIST        Lantern: Source of light

Collection: Asian
Medium: Acrylic Painting
Dimensions in centimeters (height x width x depth): 85*69.5*2
Extra details: framed, signed
Copyright remains with the artist. Reproduction or use of these images is not permitted.

  21/10/2019   1571701630686833
AUD $3000 / piece (excludes shipping cost)
Details of Art Work

Acrylic on canvas Painting done in 2019 signed by the artist with a beautiful dark wooden frame.

Exhibition History


Selling Information

Shipping From:   Gurugram, Haryana, India

About this Artwork

Nostalgia!! As a kid I used to go to my ancestral village up in the remote mountains in the Himalayan foothills. The houses there were mud plastered with thick wooden doors and windows that had been painted blue when new. We would love to scratch off the peeling blue paint. With no electricity, the only source of light used to be kerosene lanterns and each home would have a few of these hanging from nails and hooks outside the doors. This painting takes me back those 30 years into those villages amongst humble people, clean air, chirping birds and bountiful nature!!

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