Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ArtChain Global platform?

The platform is built using blockchain and contains a decentralised and immutable database of artist-authenticated art and collectables by recording and tracking their images, history of ownership (provenance), background story and any other details uploaded by the artists or owners.

Each artwork is authenticated by its original artist, whom themselves are endorsed by a panel of art industry specialists.

It also uses artificial intelligence technology to verify artwork authenticity to ensure the physical item is the actual item represented on the platform

Aside from managing the art provenance, and verifying authenticity, it can easily track artist royalties when an artwork is sold on the ArtChain Global platform.

Who should use ArtChain Global?

ArtChain Global is built for anyone involved in or interested in art at any level. It is the destination of choice for emerging artists, art collectors and investors, gallery owners, curators, art dealers, art buyers and fans, art lawyers, art institutions, art academics, copyright organisations, government organisations and those providing services to the art industry for example insurance companies and asset backed lenders.

How does the ArtChain Global work?

All registered users can buy and sell their art collection on the platform.

Only endorsed artists, collectors and invited organisations (galleries, trusts, businesses etc.) can upload new artwork.

Only approved artworks are registered on the platform’s blockchain. ArtChain Global then creates a unique digital identity title for every artwork registered on the platform.

The role upgrade requests (to collector and artist) and new artwork are decided by a panel of art industry specialises.

Artworks are authenticated by the original artist themselves.

Registered artworks can be traded or (title) transferred on our platform or can be kept as a private collection for your own record keeping.

Users can verify the authenticity of the artwork using the artificial intelligence system on our ArtChain app.

How do I get started

Register for an account to get started.

Is it free to register an account?

Yes, it is free to register for an account, it is also free to upload your artwork.

Does ArtChain Global have a mobile app?

Yes, we do. The mobile is used for verifying the artwork using our AI system. The cart function is coming soon, if you want to use cart, please use our desktop version. Download our ArtChain app on the App Store for iPhone or get it on Google Play for Android version.

Which internet browsers do you support?

Chrome: version 68 and later
Firefox: version 60 or later
Safari: version 11 or later
Edge (IE11): version 42 or later

Who can I contact to find out more about ArtChain Global?

Email [email protected]